Winter Foods to Avoid the Blues

For a lot of people living in Dubai, winter is the most awaited time of year, given the months of heat experienced in this part of the world. While people in cold counties experience the winter blues, most Dubai residents enjoy the light breeze and occasional rain during the winter.

However, this time of the year can be particularly challenging for an individual’s health, as with cold weather comes the flu season, hence causing people to develop the sniffles. One way of fighting these diseases and boosting your immune system is by ensuring that your Vitamin D levels are optimal. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin is extremely important in maintaining a healthy immune system. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D is necessary for our body to absorb calcium, in turn making the bones stronger. Insufficient levels of vitamin D can cause various deficiencies leading to various chronic health conditions like conditions of the heart, osteoporosis, blood pressure etc.

Apart from getting adequate amounts of sunlight during the winter months, there are also some winter foods, inclusion of which in your diet can help add an additional source of Vitamin D. They are;

Fish and Fish Dishes – Fatty and oily fish including salmon and mackerel are an important source of Vitamin D. Include roasted or grilled fish in your diet to enhance healthy eating methods.

Meat and Meat Products – One should opt for lean meat instead of fatty meat or organ meat. A bowl of warm soup is winters best food, however avoid the cream, salt. Opt for chicken, meat or vegetable broth.

Cereals and cereal products – Know that cereals are more than just convenient breakfast options. Whole grain products are the best and are also high in zinc and soluble fiber.

Dairy Products – Tofu, milk, cheese etc. are a good source of calcium, protein and vitamin D which are all essential to maintain a healthy immune system.

Eggs – Always try to incorporate eggs in your breakfast as they are a source of whole protein and adequate vitamin D.

Dark leafy greens – Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, kale etc. act as top defense against the winter. They are high in vitamins A, C and K.

Almonds, dates and walnuts – Dates are low in fat and their regular intake during the winter also helps keep the excess weight in check. Walnuts, almonds and apricots are a healthy combination that ensure an active a healthy nervous system.

The only way to lead a healthy life is by following a holistic approach towards being healthy at all times. The cozy weather during the winter causes various changes in a person’s appetite, however a healthy plate should contain something from all 5 food groups that gives the body all the essential nutrients it

requires for proper functioning. Even in case of seasonal foods, the best way to consume it is by incorporating it in your everyday balanced diet.

Ms. Sushma Ghag 


Aster Hospital, Mankhool