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Dubai Doctors Save 81-Year-Old’s Life in Challenging Surgery

An 81-year old female patient, suffering from multiple illnesses, was successfully treated at Aster Hospital, Mankhool. The patient had blockage of the bile ducts and abnormal retention of bile in the liver caused by gallstones; she also had infection (cholangitis) leading to sepsis and was in need of immediate medical intervention in order to survive.

Dr. Amal Upadhyay, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Aster Hospital performed an ERCP procedure to clear the bile ducts and the patient recovered and resumed normal activities within a day after the procedure.

In this video two brothers who are practicing in london share their experience about their mother’s recovery at Aster Hospital Mankhool.

The Story of Baby Sydelle – Premature Baby in Dubai goes Home after a two-month fight for survival.

A baby girl, born last year weighing less than a bag of sugar, has gone home for the first time after spending months in the hospital.

Sydelle Joshua D’souza was just 937 grams when she arrived nearly 3 months early at Aster Hospital in Bur Dubai last October.Parents Synora and Joshua D’souza were relieved to take their daughter home, three weeks before her original due date. Courtesy Aster Hospital & Clinic. At just 38cm long and weighing less than a kilogram, Sydelle was a quarter of the size of a full-term baby and very weak.

Woman Wakes Up After 80 Days in Coma

A 31-year-old Nepalese expatriate who spent 80 days in semi-comatose condition during which she had emergency caesarian section surgery woke up following a miraculous recovery.
Devi Lama Shrestha, woke up early this month on April 9 and found her husband Lokendra Shrestha, 32, by her side at Aster Hospital in Mankhool, Dubai.

Watch how Dr. Adil, Dental Surgeon at Aster Hospital Mankhool, helped in completely transforming Ms. Monika Aswani’s smile, from a gummy smile to a picture-perfect one. Getting a perfect smile, has instilled Ms. Monika with a renewed sense of confidence and joy!