Tips to Cope with a Surprise Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can be one of the scariest feelings in the world. The good news is that nine months from now you will be holding your “bundle of joy.” And at that point, you may not even remember the stress you felt when you first saw that positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately, having an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t always give new mothers time to quit unhealthy habits and take prenatal vitamins. The first few weeks are a very critical time in the baby’s development. Sometimes it takes weeks for women to realise they are pregnant, especially those who have irregular periods. This is why it is important for women of childbearing age to take vitamins and live a healthy lifestyle.



  • Be positive: Instead of thinking of it as an unplanned pregnancy or an accident, think of it as a gift to cherish
  • Make a doctor’s appointment: It is important to figure out how many weeks along you are and get an accurate due date of delivery
  • Let it sink in: You might be elated, but it’s normal to also feel shocked, scared, anxious – even angry .Give yourself some time to settle in and speak to somebody you can trust.
  • Take action: The best way to deal with the unknown is to create an action plan. Think about returning to work or going back part time, how much leave you and your spouse can take, or if you will need childcare. Take a look at your finances and factor in how your financial situation will change.
  • Sign Up for Antenatal Classes to get more information about changes in your body and try to socialise with other ladies who are or have been in a similar situation.


  • Ask her what she thinks
  • Tell her what you think
  • Be honest
  • Give good reasons for your opinion
  • Be understanding of her situation, it is as much an unplanned pregnancy for her as it is for you, so don’t play the blame game.
  • Don’t withdraw
  • Stand by your decision
  • Budget yourself according to the baby
  • Make an effort to understand the physical and emotional changes that your wife is going through and help her cope with it.
  • Help her with her daily chores, it could relieve her stress a bit.
  • Meet other couples who already have their bundle of joy. This can help you understand how beautiful your future is going to be.

Turn baby blues away is never an easy task, but these steps can make a very big difference in the outcome. This can be a very emotional decision, and your partner is going to need your support in making it.