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With COVID-19 having taken the world by storm, Aster Hospitals UAE found a way to allow its patients to continue to receive expert and uninterrupted medical care and treatment amidst the pandemonium caused by this pandemic, by initiating virtual or remote outpatient service with its expert doctors through online doctor consultation. In fact, Aster’s online medical consultation services have all the elements that one would experience if he/she physically visited the hospital.

Currently, Aster is providing remote teleconsultation services for a large number of its speciality services. Patients can consult the doctor through a video call from the safety and comfort of their own home using their mobile phone, laptop, desktop or any other virtual means. They will receive treatment advice and even get the prescribed medicines delivered at their doorstep – without moving out of their homes, or, in other words, virtual medical consultation. In cases where the doctor prescribes certain clinical tests, the ‘Lab at Home’ service personnel will visit the patient’s residence to personally and safely collect samples for the prescribed tests. Click the teleconsultation button above to book your appointment.

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Aster Hopsitals, UAE has introduced teleconsultation services for all specialist doctors across different specialities through an automated Tele Medicine platform which is integrated with the hospital patient data system.

Patients can avail the facility by booking an appointment slot online, checking the insurance eligibility, receiving a meeting link for video consultation and finally a payment link is sent to the patient to complete the process. In every step in the patient’s journey on Aster teleconsultation solution, we take care of Right patient identification and quality care delivery.

Yes, based on your symptoms that you convey ,the doctor will provide the diagnosis and treatment plan for you (medications and/or tests) to effectively resolve your health issue/s. Since the launch of our teleconsultation portal, our doctors have been virtually consulting regular and new patients.

Yes, you will get an online prescription or advice from the doctor regarding medication to be taken or tests/scans to be done, to your email.

Yes, your online video consultation/medical history will be 100% private and secure.

You can do so by uploading previous tests/scans on the portal (link) and send any new tests/scans prescribed by the doctor via the same portal or email.

Yes, you are entitled to clarify the same with your doctor with no additional charges.

You will be sent a payment link through email or sms after your insurance eligibility check and consultation is done.

Insurance is currently available for the following network coverage and as per your policy, co-payment will be applicable: AAFIYA, ALICO, DUBAI INSURANCE, ECARE, NAS, NEURON, NGI (HEALTHNET), SYMPHONY, FMC

We are currently onboarding other insurance providers as well and will continue to be an ongoing process. Please keep a check on our website for further updates on new insurance providers.

You just need a good internet connection that can seamlessly stream online video consultation. Wifi is the preferred connectivity mode and you can use any device like laptop/desktop/tablet/mobile phone.

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