Surgical Extraction of Impacted Max Canine with Bone Grafting

A 19 year old girl, Ms. Nikita came to the Dental OPD at Aster Hospital, Mankhool complaining of tooth erupting from unusual position in between the maxillary central incisors.

On examination it looked like the tip of crown of max left canine trying to erupt from the base of buccal vestibule below the labial frenum.

The patient has a full set of dentition, so she became very apprehensive as it looks like an extra tooth is trying to erupt in an aesthetically important area putting pressure as well as lifting the upper lip giving the feeling of swollen lip.

On receiving detailed history it was found that she had completed Fixed Orthodontic treatment 2 years back for the correction of her misaligned teeth. An OrthoPantomoGram (OPG) was done. OPG revealed impacted Max left Canine deeply placed extending from above the root base of max left central incisor obliquely in a rare direction.

After reassuring the patient, surgical extraction was advised. As post-surgery, a big bony void is expected, bone grafting was also planned.

Surgical Extraction of Impacted Canine was done under Sedation and local anesthesia through intraoral approach and bone graft (Easy Graft) was placed in the bony void.

She was very happy to get back her smile.

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Dr. Adil Nadim Faridi

Dental Surgeon 

Aster Hospital Mankhool