The Department of Paediatrics at Aster Hospital provides comprehensive, world-class, pediatric care. At every instance we understand that treating a sick child is more than doing tests, giving medicine or performing surgery. We pride ourselves in providing holistic care for children and their families. The department has a strong coordinated comprehensive force in administration, clinical, educational, policy, quality improvement and research initiation. We provide family centered patient care and a healing environment to sick babies.

The department has a faculty of highly skilled and experienced pediatricians, each and every one of whom is dedicated to the care of children, from the tiniest premature infant to the critically ill child. Assisted by a team of well qualified, experienced and specially trained nurses and other support staff, our specialists provide standard evidence based safest and most effective quality care. At Aster Hospital we believe that patients and their families should have access to high quality healthcare at a centre that they trust.

The Pediatrics division’s services include:

  • Screening and early detection of congenital disorders
  • Management of feeding disorders in children with focus on underweight cases.
  • Management of asthma and skin allergies
  • Growth and development monitoring
  • Emergency paediatric services
  • New born screening tests
  • General paediatric master checkups
  • Paediatric Critical Care
  • Close support to paediatric surgery and paediatric orthopedic surgery (for selected cases only)
  • Vaccinations as per the DHA guidelines
  • Pediatric Registrars
    • Cover emergency paediatric cases
    • Attend all deliveries for essential newborn care unto resuscitation
  • Paediatric Specialists/Consultants
    • Treat critically ill children
    • Available at the OPD on an appointment basis
  • OPD Services
    • Screening of mental health disorders
    • Parental guidance
    • Nutrition education
    • Quality healthcare education
    • Multi-disciplinary approach to children with chronic and complex medical problems
  • Critical Care Inpatient Services
    • Counselling services for emotional and behavioral disorders
    • 11 rooms for paediatric IP for children with critical illnesses


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Dr. Sukumaran Kanniapan

  • Paediatrics
Dr K Sukumaran is currently practicing as a Specialist Paediatrician and the Head of Department for... View more

Dr. Santhosh George

  • Paediatrics
Dr Santhosh George is a Specialist in Pediatrics at Aster Hospital, Mankhool In the year 2004, he... View more

Dr. Raji Mathew Varghese

  • Paediatrics
Dr Raji Mathew is working as a General Practitioner in Paediatrics & Neonatology department at... View more

Dr. Shamnad Abdul Azeez Arifa

  • Paediatrics
Dr Shamnad Abdul Azeez is working as a General Practitioner in Paediatrics & Neonatology... View more

Dr. Anuradha Ajesh

  • Paediatrics
Dr Anuradha Ajesh is a Specialist Under supervision Pediatrician working at Aster Hospital,... View more

Dr. Binoy Nellissery

  • Paediatrics
Dr Binoy Nellissery is working as a  Specialist in Paediatrics at Aster Hospital, Mankhool He... View more

Dr. Sameer Sajwani

  • Cardiology
Dr Sameer has joined Aster Hospital Mankhool as a Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist He has over 25... View more
Dr. Abdul Majeed, Specialist Paediatrician

Dr. Abdul Majeed

  • Paediatrics
Dr Abdul Majeed has joined Aster Hospital Mankhool as a Specialist Paediatrician He completed his... View more
Specialist Paediatric Neurologist

Dr. Manoj Singh

  • Paediatrics
Dr Manoj Singh is working as a Specialist Paediatric Neurologist at Aster Hospital, Mankhool He is... View more

Dr. Shwetha Shet

  • Paediatrics
Dr Shwetha Shet is working as a General Practitioner Pediatrician at Aster Hospital, Mankhool... View more