New Born Hearing Screening with OTO Acoustic Emissions (OAE) and it’s Importance.

Hearing impairment in children across the world constitutes a particularly serious obstacle to their optimal development and education, including language acquisition. According to a range of studies and surveys conducted in different countries, around 0.5 to 5 in every 1000 neonates and infants have congenital or early childhood onset sensorineural deafness or severe-to-profound hearing impairment. Deaf and hearing-impaired children often experience delayed development of speech, language and cognitive skills, which may result in slow learning and difficulty progressing in school.

  • All new born babies should be screened with OAE, Easy, Fast and safe test.
  • The important method to screen for a permanent hearing loss.
  • The test can be conducted after 12 hours of birth, preferably after 24hours of birth or should be conducted before discharge.
  • Results can be PASS or REFER If once REFER re-screening should be done after 15 days Followed by diagnostic tests named ABR at 3months of age only if baby gets REFER again at re-screening.
  • Apart from Hearing loss REFER can be due to debris in the outer ear canal or due to the fluid present, So PASS result confirms the wellness of the Outer and Middle ear as well as the Inner ear.
  • If the permanent loss is detected, No later than 6 months of age a baby should be fitted with hearing aids and later Cochlear Implant if required.
  • Early diagnosis and intervention of hearing difficulty lead to improved Expressive and Receptive Speech and Language Development.

Mr. Vikas Kumar 


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