Pray in Comfort

Activities such as kneeling and bending can put pressure on the knees and joints which can cause discomfort and potential injuries. Therefore, it is important to be careful while performing such activities to avoid any injuries. For example, when you kneel down to pray, be gentle and do not fall on your knees as the impactful force applied may hurt the knees. Additionally, if you experience knee/joint pain caused by arthritis, you can sit on a chair and pray rather than kneel down. If the pain is only during praying, i.e when bending the knee it is advisable to consult an orthopaedician to check the root cause of the pain.

Using incorrect angles and postures can aggravate knee pain, hence it is advisable to find the right posture for those with an existing knee condition in order to avoid causing stress to a particular part of the body. If the pain in the knee is only while kneeling, try using knee pads while praying. Stretching exercises can help reduce the pain. It is highly recommended to consult a specialist if the pain persists as there could be an underlying issue.


Dr. Ranjith Narayan

Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery

Aster Hospital Mankhool

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