Aster Hospital Welcomed Mothers from Kerala as a Part of Hit FM’s Initiative ‘For You Mom’ Season 8

  • 13 mothers from Kerala received advise on health and well-being from Aster Hospital.
  • A healthy take home message to the 13 mothers of Hit FM’s Initiative ‘For You Mom’ Season 8 in association with Aster Hospital.

It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself. Mothers often overlook taking care of themselves while they’re taking care of their family. Living away from your mother, especially in a far off land, increases our concerns about our mothers all the more.

In order to make these mother’s feel even more special, Aster Hospital, Mankhool welcomed 13 mothers from Kerala, brought to Dubai as part of Hit FM’s Initiative ‘For You Mom’ Season 8. Aster Hospital Mankhool showered these mothers with all the love and appreciation that they truly deserve.

In an event held at Aster Hospital, Mankhool on Wednesday, 24th May, these special mothers were provided with a health checkup that included monitoring of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and BMI levels, to ensure their well-being. Each of the mothers also consulted a General Practitioner who prescribed them the necessary medication and medical advise, basis their reports. Further, the medications prescribed to them was given to them as a token of affection, free of charge by Aster Pharmacy.

To ensure that the health and well-being of the mothers are monitored regularly from their home itself, they were given BP, blood sugar & temperature monitoring devices. A demo session on how to use these devices was also conducted by Aster Hospital’s nurses. With old age, pain management & skin care is essential, yet often ignored, hence some Skincare products & hot packs were also given to ensure that they take good care of themselves. In honour of the gift of life, each one of us has received from our mothers, Aster Hospital tried to give back a little to the mothers and thanked them for their sacrifices and promised to treat them well.

The event was attended by members of HIT FM and the Management team at Aster Hospital. From creating a loving bond between mothers and their children to celebrating milestones like Mother’s Day, Aster Hospital is always at the forefront to provide every individual and every family to have the best experience with their loved ones. Blessed with the love and prayers of the mothers, Aster Hospital takes pride in honouring these mothers and salutes their efforts and the efforts of HIT FM & ARN team.

News Source – Siraj Newspaper