Help with Baby’s First Years?

Some Exercises to make baby stronger

Having a baby is one of the most ordinary event in the world, yet it is still most extraordinary thing that can happen to you. Once you have that new bundle of life in your arms, everything changes. A parent’s responsibility is awesome, human babies are very immature and helpless at birth, but they develop quickly and there is a lot that you can do to stimulate the physical and mental growth of your baby. According to research, exercising the muscles and joints stimulates the mental growth of the baby. Since formative years are those moments when the brain builds up the links to the muscles, exercise helps initiate this development.

Baby Exercises for 0-6 Months Olds


Lay the baby on their back. Wrap your baby’s hand around your forefinger; hold with your thumb and fingers.

Stretch out baby’s arm by gently drawing hands toward you. Do not pull baby up off the floor. Return to the starting position. Your baby will try to pull up their head.

Repeat 5 times with each arm.

Chest Cross

Hold both the baby’s hands in the “Grip” position.

Spread baby’s arms out to the sides, bring them in across his chest, and spread them out again.

Do this exercise slowly and gently, repeating the movement 5 times.


With baby lying on his back, hold his feet or lower legs and gently push one

leg up toward its chest while extending the other. Your baby will try to push your hand.

Alternately push and extend each leg 3 times. Stop and then repeat the exercise. After you finish, let baby kick freely.


Grasp your baby’s forearms. Keeping their back straight, pull baby up slowly to a sitting position.

Slowly and softly return baby to the floor. Repeat 5 times.

On Tummy

Your baby spends the majority of their time on their back. Turning them over on stomach helps build the muscles in their neck, arms, shoulders, back, and stomach.

Ms. Mehreen Memon 


Aster Hospital, Mankhool