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Aster Home care is the true 21st-century healthcare service that allows you to live as independently as possible within the comforts of your own home. It allows patients to be in a familiar environment, sleeps in their own room at night, and stay close to their loved ones. It also brings peace of mind to have world-class facilities with well-trained physicians and paramedical staff at home. When compared to other alternatives of care, Aster home care is less expensive, more convenient and effective.

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Services @ Home

Our highly trained and compassionate nurses work tirelessly to ensure that every patients gets the care they need.

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visit @ Home

Consult with world-class doctors while at home.

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@ Home

Expert physiotherapy services to help get you back on your feet in no time!

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Care @ Home

Extreme Care and Utmost Attention for the Elderly.

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@ Home

Care and supervision under trained critical care experts and nurses.

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Ante & Postnatal
Care @ Home

A team for you and your baby, ready to visit you at home, anytime.

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Consult with us for the
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Care catered to
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Aster Home Care provides only health care services strictly prescribed by a physician or referred by a medical professional. Apart from that we also provide nonclinical services like basic hygiene care, elderly care, postnatal and antenatal care. The details of the different services that we cater to are mentioned on the website in detail.

The nurse is not responsible to do any domestic work other than patient care.

Yes, all members of our staff are well trained, inspected and certified by Dubai Health Authority. We will provide periodic training and assessment to our Home Care nurses based on clinical, social and country-specific requirements.

Aster Home care provides a person to live as independently as possible within the comforts of their own home. It allows them to be in a familiar environment, to sleep in their own room at night, and stay close to loved ones like family and friends. It also brings peace of mind to have a world-class facility with well-trained physicians and paramedical staffs at home. When compared to other alternatives of care, Aster home care is less expensive, more convenient and effective. We provide the following services:

  1. Caring for ageing family members.
  2. Living with an illness which requires passionate care, expert medical care for long term medical conditions in a family atmosphere and high-tech care.
  3. Patients recovering after an injury, illness, or hospital stay.
  4. Managing a setback of a chronic medical condition.

No, our home care nurses will not travel along with the patients abroad but our hospitals' international marketing team will guide you for this. They will arrange all the facilities for your travel and further treatments.

The insurance coverage is totally at the discretion of your insurance company and also the profile of the premium payee. You can also submit the bills to get the reimbursement if your insurance providers support the services.

You can avail the service as per your requirement based on your doctor’s advice. We will provide the service within 24-48 hrs of your confirmed request.

Yes, we have a remote monitoring system which is connected to a home ICU unit. Doctors and other relevant medical professional monitor you with the help of home care nurses at your home.

No, this is only the collection charges. Sample processing charges will be additional, which will be covered as per your insurance coverage or on cash payment basis ( if it is not covered under patient’ insurance).

Aster Home Care services are an extension of the Aster Hospitals, hence any emergencies would be handled in the most diligent way by our emergency team of Aster hospital.

Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help determine the exact cost:

  • Number of hours of care per week
  • Level of home care services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Our home care services are typically billed on an hourly basis. This makes it easy to make a Custom Care Plan for you. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, contact our office. We’ll set up an in-home consultation to begin discussing a Custom Care Plan and the rates for each service on your plan.
  • We always provide a quote prior to initiating care services.

Our goal is to establish a long-term caregiving relationship with your loved one. Should your family want to request another caregiver for any reason, we'll search for a match until your family is happy. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a successful home care experience.

If your loved one receives care for many hours in a day or at different times of the day throughout the week, it may be necessary to schedule more than one caregiver in a given week. If your family requires multiple caregivers, our goal is the same: we want you to be satisfied and happy. We'll do what it takes to make sure we achieve that goal.

You can change the number or type of service we provide your loved one whenever it's necessary. We understand the care situation can quickly change, so we're as flexible as possible with your loved one's care. Plus, you're never bound to a long-term contract, so you can discontinue your relationship with us at your discretion.

No. You (or an authorized representative) are only invoiced after the completion of services. Usually, this happens weekly. You never have to pay caregivers directly. And you'll never be asked to pay an additional fee to any employee.

Aster Hospital and Aster home care services recognize the individual’s right to privacy in relation to his/her medical record and to the protection of all information contained therein, written or electronic. You can be assured that all written or electronic records (e.g., patient, financial and statistical), will be accessed only by those individuals who have been given authority to do so. Your information is never sold to a third party under any circumstances. In fact, only the hospital staff and caregivers who are directly involved in your services will have access to information related to the care of your loved one.

Yes, you can avail the service. We prefer to inform the same to your treating physician as well.

We will provide the supplies or equipment for the care. The charges are not included in the package.

You can contact the administrator of home care or designee. The contact number is +971-xxxxxxx

Why Choose Aster?

  • Our work is centred around the patient's comfort.
  • State-of-the-art facilities to encourage a healing environment.
  • Highly qualified specialists having a knack for successfully treating complicated issues.
  • Advanced diagnosis with innovative procedures that gets positive results.


About Aster Hospitals, UAE

Everything at Aster Hospital is designed to keep patient comfort at the forefront. We aim to make a difference with our spacious interiors, advanced facilities, and healthcare experts who enjoy creating a positive ambience which is conducive to healing. Headquartered in Dubai, the Aster DM network now encompasses 17,600+ employees, 2296 doctors with several JCI accredited hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.

State-of-the-art multispeciality hospitals, Aster Hospital Mankhool, a 100 bedded facility and Aster Hospital Al Qusais, a 150 bedded facility where doctors adopt a multidisciplinary approach to provide holistic treatment to patients. Aster Clinic is equipped with the most advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in UAE, we offer multispecialty medical and surgical care all under one roof. All of Aster Clinic's departments are fully equipped facilities with specialized medical teams comprising of consultants, surgeons, trained nurses, technicians and ancillary staff. Even with our state-of-the-art technology and advanced medical facilities that we have here, it is the Aster approach to care, that will as always, make a big difference. Visit us for the treatment you need at Aster Clinic Bur Dubai.

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