Handicapped for Two Decades, Patient Starts Walking After a Knee Surgery

A total Knee replacement surgery was performed on a 52-year-old man at Aster Hospital, Mankhool. The patient, Mr. Abdel Gawwad presented with severe trauma in his left leg due to an injury sustained 20 years ago. Mr. Gawwad led a significantly impaired life for the past 20 years, given the injury that made his mobility extremely painful and difficult to perform, particularly over the past 5 years.

Referred to Aster Hospital by his friend who had previously undergone a successful hip replacement performed by Dr. Manjunatha G.S, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon at Aster Hospital, Mankhool, Mr. Gawwad decided to consult the doctor for a second opinion. Dr. Manjunatha who specialises in Joint replacements, upon thorough investigation, diagnosed that the patient had developed severe osteoarthritis, also known as post-traumatic osteoarthritis, a condition caused due to ageing and injury. Further investigations also revealed that the patient’s left lower limb/leg was 2.5cm shorter than his right one.

Dr. Manjunatha and his team performed a total knee replacement surgery on the patient in alliance with the Cardiology and Urology Departments at Aster Hospital. Aster Hospital houses a well-equipped team of specialists who work together to ensure successful treatment of patients. Special precautions were taken as Mr. Gawwad had cardiac palpitations and also a history of prostate enlargement and urinary incontinence. With generous support and assistance from the expert team of doctors and nurses, his underlying conditions were kept under check prior and during the surgery.

Under the expertise of Dr. Manjunatha and his team, the surgery was performed successfully and Mr. Gawwad began walking within 5 hours of the surgery and also began his physiotherapy sessions on the same day.

Commenting on the successful treatment, Dr. Manjunatha said, “A surgery as such is not generally risky but Mr. Abdel was a high-risk case and we had to take additional precautions as he had underlying heart and bladder issues and was on blood thinning drugs for cardiac problems. However, he recovered extremely well and rather quickly during his stay at the hospital post the surgery. While in usual cases, patients need to be taught to perform routine activities like getting up, sitting down, getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom etc. during the physiotherapy sessions, Mr. Gawwad being extremely supportive and motivated, developed an understanding of all the exercises advised by him and performed them without any assistance. I am very glad that our team was able to give him the right treatment ensuring him a comfortable recovery.” said Dr. Manjunatha.

Despite the magnitude of the surgery, the degree of bone correction performed and soft tissue released, Mr. Gawwad was perfectly well without knee braces that patients generally resort to after joint replacement. Mr. Gawwad still has mild bone bruises due extensive corrections & releases which are being treated currently.

“I have had knee pain for 20 years now and the pain kept getting worse year after year. Consulting with Dr. Manjunatha at Aster Hospital was the best advice given to me by my friend after his personal experience with the Dr. I began walking within 5 hours of my surgery. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Manjunatha and his team for giving me the chance to walk again with as much ease. Dr. Manjunatha gave me the right treatment and above all, he gave me the confidence and motivation to walk again. I can now walk and do things on my own without any hassle. It feels like I have gone 20 years back in time.’’ said an elated Mr. Abdel Gawwad.

Discharged on the 6th-day post-surgery, Mr. Gawwad will be followed up with 3-6 weeks of the check-up. His motivation and tenacity have been key factors in his recovery from such a long and chronic condition.

Youtube link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBp0ChV072w

Dr.Manjunatha G. S.

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Aster Hospital, Mankhool