Getting Yourself Aware About Common Infant Problems

It is hard when your baby is sick. Common health problems in babies include cold, cough, fever, and vomiting. Babies also commonly have skin problems, like dry skin,eczema, diaper rash or cradle cap. Trust your intuition – if you are worried about your baby, call your health care provider right away.

Respiratory Diseases: These could be Infectious (e.g.Viral, Bacterial etc.) or non-infectious (e.g. Simple allergy) .Most common respiratory diseases includes respiratory distress i.e difficulty in breathing. So if there is progression in the symptom you should consult a doctor.

Fever: It is an indicator that your baby’s body is fighting off an infection. Mild fevers if it extends more than few days should be considered for further investigation and treatment. But if your little one is running a high fever, let your doctor have a look . High fever to be taken care of immediately as it can lead to seizure.

Diarrhea: You should reach your pediatrician if your infant has: Signs of dehydration (a sunken fontanel, Dry tongue, mouth and eyes, less urine output, mucus, mucus and blood and foul smelling loose stools 3 or more for infants)

Jaundice: It is a common problem among newborns. Jaundice can be prevented to certain extent by early and adequate feeding and by keeping the baby warm.Many infants have high bilirubin levels at birth as their livers are still immature. Most cases of jaundice in newborn resolve with time. So, let your doctor prescribe a treatment to cure jaundice. The usual treatment is photo-therapy, where your baby is placed under blue light in the hospital nursery.

Skin problems: Some of the common skin problems your baby may encounter include the following mentioned below.

Dry skin, Eczema and Rashes: Dry skin is more common among young infants, due to many reasons. Management includes washing with soap free gels and moisturizing creams. Use a diaper rash cream in case your baby does develop a rash. If you are using a cloth diaper, use fragrance and dye free detergents.

Cradle Cap: Cradle cap too is a common skin problem among babies . If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, try to wash her hair once in two days . Use a mild shampoo and consider the Pediatric specialist.

Ear infections: Ear infections are also extremely common among little ones. If your infant or baby is tugging at her ear and is fussier than usual, she may have an ear infection. Viral infections go away once they run their course, but bacterial infections may need a dose of antibiotics ,so please consider a doctor. Pain in the ear is very common amongst children more than 2 years of age.

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