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Paediatrics And Neonatology


They say, nothing matches the happiness of holding your newborn in your arms. But, in certain unfortunate cases, when the newborn has to struggle to brave the outside world, it’s equally heartbreaking. Blame it on the pollution that surrounds us everywhere or the reckless lifestyle we lead, or just fate, but the need for a good pediatric doctor and pediatric neonatologist is now more important than ever. While nothing replaces a healthy birth, and with all the technological advances and better skilled care-givers, the divide is slowly blurring.

Aster Hospitals, with its reputation for a ‘patient-first’ approach to medicine and groundbreaking treatments, is known for its unmatchable Pediatric and Neonatal services in the UAE. We are driven by world-class medical innovations and a matchless culture of healthcare excellence. For the best pediatric hospital in Dubai, look no further than Aster Hospitals.


About Pediatrics and Neonatology:

Pediatrics is a branch of healthcare that caters to infants, children, and those in the adolescent stage. Primarily, the job of a child doctor starts right after a delivery. In certain scenarios such as intrauterine growth restriction, premature delivery, congenital malformations, low birth weight, or an ill newborn, a specialized branch of pediatrics, known as Neonatology comes into play. Also known as Neonatal Intensive Care Units, the dedicated branch of medicine ensures that a newborn is able to brave and survive the exterior conditions which he/she may not be able to cope with naturally.

When do you need to visit a pediatrician?

A pediatrician does a lot more than just prescribe medicines for sickness, they help your child live and thrive. In a world, where the natural conditions are not so conducive for healthy living, a pediatrician takes into account the prematurity of its patients and their receptiveness to medicines and treatments which adults are otherwise more responsive to. There persists a strong functional difference in the way adults absorb medicines and in the way a child’s stomach might react to the same. There are specific enzymes inside a human body that determine the rate of absorption of any drug, and owing to a higher rate of gastric emptying in infants, the rate of absorption is comparatively low. So a visit to the pediatrician is recommended at any given point your child shows any of these unusual symptoms. Moreover, it’s advisable to go for routine pediatric visits at least until the child is 10 years old.

When does your newborn need neonatal care?

In case of premature delivery, or scenarios such as intrauterine growth restriction, congenital malformations, low birth weight, or an ill newborn, the infant must be treated inside a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until its conditions acclimatize to the harsh conditions that the present world poses. As opposed to other branches in medicine where the focus in on a particular organ system, neonatology surrounds around the overall well-being of the infant. Some neonatologists, may keep an infant under observation even after being released from the NICU to better assess the growth trajectory. There are a lot of scientific studies and research underway to further our knowledge about this population of patients


Screening and early detection of congenital disorders

Congenital disorders refer to abnormalities that persist at birth, these may or may not be critical to an infant’s health but need a thorough diagnosis. At Aster Hospitals, cutting-edge infrastructure, committed and skilled clinicians, and state-of-the-art medical equipment allow for diagnostics that thrive on precision and transparency.

Management of feeding disorders in children with focus on underweight cases: If an infant weighs below 5 pounds he/she is considered to be underweight and might need extra care to ensure a proper management of feeding disorders. A team of experts and a trained clinicians ensure that your infant walks into the world happily and healthy.

Management of asthma and skin allergies

Growth and development monitoring Your baby might leave the facility but we still stay true to our promise of good health by keeping your newborn under constant and expert monitoring for a predictive diagnosis.

Emergency paediatric services A right mix of trained personnel, doctors, technicians, and medical equipment ensure that we are ready to welcome your newborn into the world, anytime.

Newborn screening tests There are cases where, although an infant might seemingly be healthy but critical diagnostics reveal a different story. We make sure that your biggest moment of happiness isn’t a shot in the dark. Advanced Imaging Diagnostics at Aster allow you to foster your child in the way it needs.

General paediatric master checkups

Paediatric Critical Care

Close support to paediatric surgery and paediatric orthopedic surgery (for selected cases only)

Vaccinations as per the DHA guidelines

Pediatric Registrars

  • Cover emergency paediatric cases
  • Attend all deliveries for essential newborn care unto resuscitation

Paediatric Specialists/Consultants

  • Treat critically ill children
  • Available at the OPD on an appointment basis

OPD Services

  • Screening of mental health disorders
  • Parental guidance
  • Nutrition education
  • Quality healthcare education
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to children with chronic and complex medical problems

Critical Care Inpatient Services

  • Counselling services for emotional and behavioral disorders
  • 11 rooms for paediatric IP for children with critical illnesses

Treatments and Procedures

Inside a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), your infant prepares to face the harsh world outside. Kept in a protective, nurturing environment, Aster Hospital’s leading neonatal services make sure that your baby walks out strong and healthy. There are certain procedures that are followed inside a NICU to ensure infant health recovery and a promising growth.

  • Nutritional Support
  • X Rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood and Urine test
  • Blood Transfusions (in special cases)

Why choose Aster Hospitals?

A fast growing chain of hospitals, Aster Hospitals is known for its pioneering advanced healthcare in multiple spheres. Never content to rest on its laurels, Aster Hospitals is constantly seeking opportunities to set new milestones with advanced developments. With many more innovative and ambitious initiatives, Aster Hospitals has radically catalyzed the healthcare revolution across the Middle East, India and the Far East. With one of the world's best paediatric and neonatal care services, Aster is a symbol of distinction when it comes to quality healthcare and reliable diagnostics. Find the right child specialist for your loved one at Aster Hospitals.