Complex Intertrcohanteric Fracture Femur

Mr. Syed Faizal, a 44 year old man was brought to Aster Hospital’s Emergency on 17th July 2017, at midnight. He was brought in the Ambulance on a stretcher complaining of severe pain and deformity of his left hip.

The patient was unable to move his left leg because of severe pain which made it difficult to shift him to the bed from the stretcher. The patient had a history of a trivial fall at his residence where he slipped and fell on the floor while hitting the edge of a door. He was brought to the ER by his colleagues.

An x-ray was taken which showed Comminuted fracture Femur Intertrochanteric region of the left side of his hip. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and the necessary blood investigations were performed. A CT Scan of his left hip was done to see the fracture configuration and plan the treatment.

After appropriate investigation and planning, the patient was posted for surgery on 18th July 2017. Considering the fracture configuration and the comminution, the patient was explained in detail the treatment plan. Prior to the surgery the patients consent was taken and we began planning for surgery.

Working closely with Dr. Manjunatha G.S, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon, we chose to use Synthes Proximal Femur plate to fix the fracture and began the surgery.

The surgery was successfully completed as planned with good fracture reduction and good limb alignment.

The patient is now under medical care for pain management and physiotherapy has started to mobilise him in the walker.

He is advised to walk non-weight bearing for 6 weeks while continuing physiotherapy to strengthen his muscles and mobilise his joints. He will be on regular follow up to see his recovery and to mobilize after him seeing his consecutive x-rays for signs of bone healing

Dr. Amith Kumar Krishna

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon                        

Dr. Manjunatha G.S

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon

Aster Hospital Mankhool