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Common skin conditions in the UAE during the summer

The Middle East, and especially the UAE, is known for its searing hot summer conditions. Being a country that is surrounded by the harsh, unrelenting desert, the UAE can get extremely hot between the months of April and September. It is only towards the end of the year, that the temperatures start to cool down and a mild winter sets in. Apart from the obvious lifestyle discomforts that such high temperatures bring about, the more harmful side effects of the heat, humidity and high intensity of sunlight are the damage that they cause to the skin. Skin treatment in UAE during the summer months is primarily geared towards the treatment and diagnosis of the conditions such as sun burn, summer rash, summer acne, dry skin, skin fungal infection, athlete’s foot, and skin cancer. Listed below are some steps at self-management that you can take in order to protect yourself from aggravating the listed skin ailments.

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