World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day is observed on October 29 globally. On this day, doctors and healthcare workers spread awareness about psoriasis and provide utmost care to the people suffering from it.  

There is a misconception that psoriasis is just a skin disease. But, it is a chronic condition that can lead to other ailments such as anxiety, type-2 diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease. 

Your doctor may recommend Psoriasis treatment in Dubai if your psoriasis gets worse.  

How can you control your psoriasis naturally? 

Identify your triggers and prevent them  

You must understand your triggers and learn about them. If a trigger is activated, then it can cause symptoms. Some of the triggers include anxiety, stress, skin injury, infection and certain medications. 

These triggers can intensify your psoriasis and make the symptoms worse as they can spread throughout the body. You can try meditation or join yoga classes if you have anxiety or stress. 

Apply moisturizing lotions 

When your skin gets dry, then the symptoms can get worse. Therefore, keep your skin hydrated and moist through lotions and creams.  Most of the doctors will suggest you use petroleum jelly. They are the best in trapping moisture. 

You should apply the cream to the skin to remove scales. Try to wrap the applied area with plastic or any waterproof material, and leave it for a few hours. 

Try to avoid scrapes, infections, and Bumps  

It is vital for people with psoriasis to avoid cuts, scrapes, bumps, and infections because they can flare up the symptoms rapidly. 

People with psoriasis should be extra careful while shaving. They should avoid activities such as tattoo making and acupuncture. Furthermore, insect bites and chafing can also affect the skin. 

Diet and exercise  

Always have proper knowledge about your psoriasis symptoms. Do they tend to intensify when you eat a certain food? If yes, then slowly stop eating those foods.  

Exercising can also keep your psoriasis spreading under control as it will also balance your mood and promote good sleep. These two factors are vital to keeping symptoms at bay.  

Consult your doctor before starting a new workout routine or making dietary changes. And remember that overdoing exercises will not help to control your psoriasis. 

Avoid medications that can intensify your triggers  

Inform your doctor about the medications that you consume regularly. They will suggest if the medications will affect your psoriasis or not? 

Inform your doctor if you are consuming these medicines and ask for a substitute:  

  • Lithium-based capsules or medicines 
  • Beta-blockers for heart 
  • Quinidine ( maintains irregular heartbeats )   

What about the treatments?  

There are many effective treatments available for bringing psoriasis under control. Always focus on your doctor’s recommended treatment and regularly follow up with the dermatologist. 

If your first treatment is not producing results, then plan for a second opinion as there are good doctors available for Psoriasis treatments in Dubai. 

These are some of the effective treatments available: 

  • Vitamin D creams 
  • Light therapy 
  • Topical steroids 
  • Oral medications 
  • Biologic injections and others 

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