When to see a Radiologist ?

Radiologists are specialised doctors which take images of your body for injuries and ailments. They carry out checkups through X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, and PET scan. To visit a radiologist, one has to be recommended by another doctor. After going through the scans and results, radiologists will recommend the best possible treatment. 

Generally, people might need to visit a radiologist because of a broken bone, pregnancy, torn muscle, cancer screening, infections, accidents, blocked arteries, and other vessels. You can consult the best radiologist in Dubai if you are recommended by your doctor. Or you can visit specialist in Radiology at Aster Hospitals. 

The majority of the people consult a radiologist for,

Mammogram scan 

Most of the women take up this test to detect breast cancer at the earliest. 


In this test, your heart-related activities will be evaluated through ultrasound examination. An echocardiogram can also detect heart disease and irregularities. 


An ultrasound test detects certain cancers, gallbladder issues, and checks the fetus health of a pregnant woman. The test is conducted by taking images of internal organs, tissues and blood flow. Soundwaves are used for the test. Many radiologists in Dubai can conduct an ultrasound at a reasonable price.  

What happens when you visit a radiologist ?

f you are advised to visit a radiologist, then few tests might be conducted. These tests might be done without consuming certain food drinks, and medications. The test depends on the type of problem that you face.  In case if you are a pregnant woman, then inform the doctor. They will use low-dose radiations in X-rays and CT scans. The doctor may use a different method to protect the bay from radiation.  

Types of test that radiologist uses  

An x-ray is conducted on a person who experiences a car accident, breathing issues, pneumonia, and other issues. The test is performed in a lying or standing position and takes few minutes. Medical x-rays are different from those conducted by a dentist.  

CT scans are conducted to get more detailed information about your body. This test is considered better than X-rays but it uses radiation. CT scans are used to diagnose problems such as bone fracture, internal bleeding, infections, tumour size, and others. There are some CT scans where you will need to take a contrasting substance inside the mouth.  

An ultrasound is conducted to diagnose heart disease, swelling, infection, tumour. It is also used to take pictures of womb of a pregnanat women. 

MRI is a type of test that uses radio waves and magnetic fields instead of radiation- to diagnose the body. A radiologist finds it easier to see softer bone tissues through MRI. The test is mostly used to check the condition of the brain and spinal cord for injuries and ligaments.  

You must consult a doctor at the best hospital in Dubai before taking an MRI test if you use a pacemaker, artificial knees or have dental fillings or bridges. A technician may be able to find a way to get an MRI done.  

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