Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

Providing a safe environment is an important part of caring for new born babies. Babies need to be safe at home and also when they’re away from home. There are some simple things you can do to help keep your baby safe and secure at all times. Your child’s safety is your responsibility.

The following tips should help you to keep your baby away from harm:

1. Provide a safe environment at home – Never leave your baby alone on a bed, couch, changing table, or infant seat from which they can fall or roll off. An accident could happen even in a fraction of second, if unattended

2. Keep animals away from the baby – The change in the household when there is a new baby may upset pets in some cases and they will not be familiar with the new comer.

3. Use door barriers across kitchen and bathroom doors – Install safety gates securely in front of stairs. Avoid gates with diamond-shaped slats, which provide footholds for climbing toddlers. Instead, use gates with straight, vertical slats and a swinging door.

4. Be aware of foods that can choke children, such as lollipops, meat and nuts – Never put strings or cords around your baby’s neck to hold a pacifier or near the baby’s crib. Be cautious of strings or buttons on clothing; make sure they are not loose and in danger of choking your baby. Put away small and sharp objects, even display items that can cause injury or choking if swallowed.

5. Keep cups of hot spills out of their reach – To prevent burns, do not microwave the baby’s feeding bottle. Many microwaves heat unevenly, creating “hot spots” in your baby’s formula that can burn their mouth.

6. Keep your baby away from cigarette smoke – Babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy, and babies who continue to be exposed to smoke after birth are at an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

7. Never nap or sleep with your baby or let your baby sleep alone on a couch, sofa or armchair-This increases the risk of suffocation and can lead to SIDS.

8. As per the UAE mandatory car safety laws, children up to 4 years of age must be seated in special child seats – Children aged 10 and above can sit in the front seat, provided they are at least 145 cms tall.

9. Keep chemicals / detergents / battery water etc – It can be dangerous if swallowed, out of reach of children in labelled containers.

10. Never feed the newborn babies in bottle while you are sleeping – It can produce aspiration and go unnoticed.

11. Never give medicines to children without the prescription of a pediatrician.

12. Never leave children alone in swimming pools unattended – Particularly if they are beginners.

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