Respiratory Care Week

The world observes Res piratory Care Week on October 24-30. It is mostly popular among the Doctors and healthcare workers across the US. The occasion is vital because it spreads awareness about topics such as how to keep our lungs healthy to lead a quality life and many more. 

The majority of the respiratory problems nowadays arise due to obesity, smoking, and air pollution. Most respiratory ailments are easily treated through correct diagnosis. Therefore, consult a lungs doctor in Dubai to know more about respiratory health. 

You can take the utmost care of your lungs to breathe smoothly in the years to come though following these tips:  

  • Say no to smoking of any kind. 
  • Practise breathing exercises.  
  • Eat a healthy diet. 
  • Try to avoid air pollution as much as possible. 
  • Visit a lungs doctor in Dubai, annually for general check-up. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. 

Why should you be concerned about your respiratory health? 

  • Our tissues in the lungs are directly exposed to the outer environment. Therefore, anything we inhale can affect them. The substances can be dust particles, chemicals, tobacco smoke or germs.  

These substances can lead to many respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma to pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and even lung cancer. 

  • You should not think that only first-hand smoking will affect your lungs, as studies have shown that second-hand smoking is more lethal. 

Second-hand smoking may increase the risk of experiencing heart disease by 30 per cent. It can also boost the chances of lung cancer and other lungs infections. In the case of children, the risk will be higher. 

  • When a child inhales second smoking, they are more vulnerable towards experiencing these ailments at an earlier age: respiratory disease, ear and sinus infections, oral disease. Furthermore, their risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease also doubles up. 
  • Pregnant women should not smoke at all because it will severely affect their babies. Their new-born child may experience attention deficit hyperactivity disorder later in their lives. 
  • An unhealthy respiratory system can also lead to an inadequate breathing condition known as apnea. In this condition, our lungs fail to deliver sufficient oxygen to the brain and heart during sleep. 

If you experience sleep apnea often, then there is a higher chance of experiencing pulmonary hypertension. Quitting smoking and losing weight can alleviate mild sleep apnea. If you experience severe apnea, then consult a doctor at the best hospital in Dubai. 

Good foods that boost health  

Beets and beet greens 

These nitrate rich vegetables enhance lung function. According to studies, nitrate is beneficial for maintain our blood pressure, relax blood vessels, and balance oxygen supply. 

Beetroots can also improve lung function among the people who are experiencing COPD and pulmonary hypertension.   


People say that eating apples will keep your overall health intact. Well, that is true because apples have the potential to improve lung function and prevent diseases such as lung cancer and asthma. 

Try to incorporate these two foods in your diet regularly and enjoy a healthier life.  

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