Neurosurgery in Dubai

Sometimes you might ignore symptoms such as back pain, headaches, blurry vision or unexplained tremors. But, you should not ignore them as they can be an indication of an underlying ailment or disease.  

You can visit the best neurosurgeon in Dubai for a checkup as they are trained extensively to treat the brain, spinal cord and nerves. There are many neurologists at the best hospitals in DubaiThe doctor will identify the problems and make an action plan. The symptoms can be effectively treated with lifestyle changes, medications, and therapy. The symptoms may vary in different people by their type of problem.  

These are some of the problems that may indicate that you should visit a neurologist 


People experience headaches occasionally. But, if your headaches are more frequent and severe, then you should consult a neurologist straight away. That’s because frequent headaches are the most common sign of nervous system disorder.  

Headaches can occur due to many reasons, including overuse of medication. It can be in the form of migraines, cluster headaches or hypertension. The headache turns dangerous when it doesn’t get cured naturally or through over-the-counter medications, and other treatments. Sometimes, it can indicate neurological deficits in you.  

Vision loss  

Your vision is vital to lead a normal life. Life can change, drastically if your vision is poor or hampered due to an underlying health problem. Sometimes, blurred vision, photophobia and double vision can be an indication of serious neurological issues. In such cases, you should visit a neurologist.  

According to experts, changes in the vision can be an indicator of a vascular event like a stroke, or potentially multiple sclerosis. A poor vision will not allow you to interact with people effectively. Furthermore, it will also make it difficult for you to sense your surroundings.  

If you are suffering from any neurological condition related to the eyes, then ensure to receive strong emotional support from your family and friends.  


Your emotions can reflect your personality and character. Neurological issues can affect you emotionally as they can exhibit various emotional symptoms such as being outrageous and dizzy or serene and contented. 

If you are experiencing any kind of neurological issues then you may have an immediate outburst and mood change.  These problems can also lead to depression and anxiety. Therefore, you should consult a neurologist if you experience such problems.  

Sensation issues 

Numbness can be an indication of a serious neurological issue. If you are suffering from any kind of neurological disorder you can’t feel the sensation of pain, vibration, touch or changing temperature.  Numbness can also cause difficulty in balancing the body, coordinate while walking and driving, and performing physical tasks.  Numbness can also be an early indicator of stroke or other serious illness in the body.  

The best Neurosurgeon in Dubai for Brain & Spinal Injuries can treat neurological disorders at an affordable cost. You should visit a neurologist is familiar with the latest research and treatment options for different neurological conditions.  

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