Dislocation of TMJ Managed by Closed Reduction

This is the case of a 27 year male with non-traumatic, unilateral anterior temporomandibular joint dislocation of the left side.

A well-built Indian male visited Aster Hospital’s Dental OPD in a very anxious and nervous state complaining of inability to close his mouth just after yawning. He said that the issue occurred at around 7 AM, immediately after which he rushed to Aster Hospital, Mankhool (Dubai) from Sharjah.

He also revealed history of prior dislocation, three years back in India where the condition was managed.

Upon examination, it was found that his mouth remained open, and he was unable to close it. No oral or facial lacerations were present. In the left TMJ region, there was a depression in his preauricular area, associated with severe tenderness, leading to the diagnosis of Unilateral TMJ Dislocation.

Since the patient was extremely anxious and nervous, he was reassured and closed reduction was attempted with specific jaw movements, and finally proper occlusion was achieved, which is a good indicator of proper TMJ reduction. In order to maintain the position, Barrel Bandage was given to the patient, who was advised to avoid excessive jaw movements. Further, a muscle relaxant was also advised.

As muscle spasm could lead to difficulty in closed reduction, it was attempted immediately, even prior to receiving insurance approvals in the better interest of the patient. Post-op X-ray indicated that the mandibular condyle had been restored to the correct position within the Glenoid Fossa.

The patient was very happy and obliged.

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