Exercising During Pregnancy
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Work It Out – Bump Approved Fitness

There are a plenty of options when it comes down to each individual woman’s pregnancy and fitness levels. Here are some best tips for working out to make sure you remain fit and fabulous over the next few months. 1. […]

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5 Super Foods During Pregnancy

Below are the top 5 super foods you should take if you are pregnant: Watermelon : Watermelon is made up of 92 percent water and full of important electrolytes. It eases heartburn and reduces swelling. Fruit sugars can help alleviate […]

Tips to Plan Your Babymoon
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Babymoon Tips for Pregnant Parents

More people seem to be embarking on babymoons, or trips that expectant parents take to relax before they have an extra carry-on in the form of a bundle of joy. The purpose of a babymoon today is for mom- and dad-to-be […]