Fulminant Hepatic Failure

A middle-aged gentleman with no past history of liver disease presented to Aster Hospital, Mankhool with a three-day history of fever, myalgia, nausea and high colored urine. He was detected to have an abnormal LFT and was referred to our hospital for further evaluation. Continue reading “Fulminant Hepatic Failure”


Popularity of All Day Breakfast

1.Why is the concept of all-day-breakfast high in demand?

Breakfast is generally not a meal that a lot of people consume at a restaurant. However, with the growing popularity of all day breakfast menus, a lot of people have started visiting food joints for this. After all who doesn’t love a pancake, waffle or hash brown at any time of the day. A lot of times, people prefer eating breakfast items like pancakes and French toast for dessert. Continue reading “Popularity of All Day Breakfast”


The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Any Risk

A 52 year gentleman with no co morbid illness, who was physically active presented with 2 weeks history of abdominal pain and vomiting. He was evaluated at another medical center for the same and given symptomatic treatment. Since his symptoms persisted, he underwent tests which showed that he had acute kidney failure (Creatinine 3.8 mg, CRP 38). He was referred to the Nephrology Department for evaluation of the same. Continue reading “The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Any Risk”