What You Need to know about Tuberculosis

Every year 24th March is recognized as World Tuberculosis Day in order to educate and create awareness about the various facades of Tuberculosis (TB) and break the myths surrounding it. On the road to eradicating TB, we must all unite and work towards a TB-Free World. Continue reading “What You Need to know about Tuberculosis”


Laparoscopic Anterior Resection for Colonic Cancer

Timely deployment of endoscopic colonic stent for relieving acute colonic obstruction.

A 54 year old male patient was diagnosed to have cancer of recto-sigmoid region in October 2017. He underwent investigation for staging of the disease and as planned, he was thought to be a good candidate for surgical management. Continue reading “Laparoscopic Anterior Resection for Colonic Cancer”


What Women Need To Know About Healthy Kidneys

The 8th of March, every year is recognized as World Kidney Day (WKD)! The purpose of recognizing one such day is to create awareness among people about the importance of kidneys in the overall health and how to efficiently take care of the kidneys. Continue reading “What Women Need To Know About Healthy Kidneys”