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Ante & Post-Natal Care at Home

Why travel during this delicate time when our team of certified midwives, general physicians, nutrition expert, and OB-GYN specialists are all ready to visit you and your baby, at home. From the diet you must follow to precautions you must take to physical care, our team is within a call’s range. Literally.

Hospital Care and Services available in your home:
Antenatal Services
Vital Parameters Monitoring
Remote Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
Nutritional Advice, Lab sample collection at home
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Ante-Natal exercise advise
Postnatal Services
Vital Parameters Monitoring (For both mother & baby)
Neo-Natal Assessment
Lactation Consultation
Post Episiotomy/ LSCS wound care
Post-Natal exercises
Nutritional Advice
Obstetric GP visit (One Time)
Baby Care