Antibiotics – A dangerous treatment

What is your take on the law prohibiting antibiotics being dispensed without
prescription ?

The law is justified: This overuse of antibiotics due to easy availability of drugs could facilitate the development and spread of antibiotic resistance.

What is the impact of the law on patients?

Patients will have to undergo a proper medical work up before getting the prescription. This will help the patient to get proper treatment and reduce the side-effects of the inappropriate antibiotics.

What is the right way to use antibiotics?

Antibiotic stewardship is the only way forward. This ensures appropriate work up like culture and sensitivity of drugs, right dose, right route, right frequency and right duration.

Is it true that if we do not complete the course of the antibiotics, there will be adverse side
effects on the body and on natural immunity?

Incomplete antibiotic course duration will lead to formation of mutant, resistant microbes. It may also lead to the resurgence of the infection. These will lead to decreased immunity eventually.

What are the effects of excessive consumption of antibiotics? Is there a risk of death?

a) Clostridium difficile infection diarrhoea and dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections are becoming more common.
b) Fungal infections due to broad spectrum antibiotics.
c) Infections requires longer, more expensive forms of therapy.
d) Hospital length of stay increases incurring more cost and more chances of cross infection with Hospital bugs.

There is definite risk of death due to the above mentioned causes. Not say to about the renal and hepatic side effects.

Specialist Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Alai Taggu 

Specialist Critical Care Medicine 

Aster Hospitals, UAE 

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