Handicapped for two decades, Arab man gets new hope to walk

Abdel Gawwad, a 52 year old Egyptian was bound to walking aids for over 20 years of his life. He is a resident of Umm Al Quwain and has been working at a private organization. Abdel had been living a severely impaired for the past 20 years because of a leg injury he sustained long ago.

Pain and walking aids had become his companion, until 5 years ago when he experienced severe pain in this leg, that highly challenged his mobility. Abdel visited Dr. Manjunatha G.S., Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon at Aster Hospital on being recommended by his friend who had undergone a Total Hip Replacement surgery under Dr. Manjunatha. Dr. Manjunatha, on thorough evaluation of the case advised Abdel a Total Knee Replacement surgery. He was suffering from post-traumatic osteoarthritis caused as a result of his injury, it was also noted that his left leg was 2.5cm shorter than his right one.

Dr. Manjunatha’s positive outlook towards Abdel’s case and the confidence he gave him, enabled Abdel to go ahead with the surgery. Abdel believed that he was in right hands and was hopeful that the surgery would change his life over.

Abdel lived 20 years of his life suffering in pain, contemplating if he would ever be able to walk pain free. He was explained the risks of the surgery, given his age and the underlying conditions he suffered from but Abdel sought what he stood to gain.

Abdel began walking on his own within 5 hours of the Total Knee Replacement surgery. “Dr. Manjunatha gave me the confidence and motivation to walk again. I can now walk and perform tasks on my own without any hassle. It feels like I have gone 20 years back in time,’’ said a grateful Abdel.

After 20 years of suffering in pain, Abdel confidently took to give life another chance. He left the hospital, content with his decision of undergoing the surgery and grateful to Dr. Manjunatha for making him feel independent again.