Awake After 100 Days, Devi Lama Speaks Her Journey of Recovery

After spending over 3 months in Aster Hospital’s ICU in a semi-comatose state, floating between life and death, Devi Lama is now finally awake. Since 16th January 2017 when a 6 month pregnant Devi was brought to the hospital when she suddenly collapsed at work, Devi has strongly fought for her survival from what seemed to her and her husband as a simple phase of usual sickness during pregnancy. She came in suffering from pneumonia which was further complicated with pregnancy ARDS which is an acute respiratory disorder that required her to be on very high ventilator support. Throughout her stay at the hospital, she suffered from multiple organ failures including a cardiac condition and developed critical illness during her course in the ICU which caused her inability in moving her limbs.

In usual cases, a patient is weaned off the ventilator in 14 days, Devi, however, remained on the ventilator over 3 months because of severe muscle weakness, her diaphragm could not carry out breathing independently.

“I now have an extended family here at Aster Hospital. The Doctors and nurses here gave me the motivation to survive without the ventilator which had become like an addiction for me. The unwavering support of my husband who was always by my side in all these months makes me realise how lucky I am to have him in my life. I can now talk, move and do everything by myself,” said an emotional Devi.

She recalls a very brief two days from her stay in the ward when she was first admitted to the ICU and nothing after that. Dr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Specialist Internal Medicine and Dr. Jyoti Upadhyay, Specialist Internal Medicine took on the challenging case of Devi Lama along with inputs from multiple other specialists from Aster DM healthcare’s verticals in India in order to bring her back to life.

“Many times we had doubts about her survival, but Devi was a determined patient. Our ICU team has put our heart and soul in caring for her because she had become an important aspect of our lives, given her long stay at the hospital. Throughout her stay I have never seen her husband move away from her side, he has always been there for her. His prayers and dedication inspired us and even strengthened our determination to Devi back. Everyone’s definition of a miracle is different and for us, Devi Lama’s successful recovery is one,” said Dr. Jyoti Upadhyay.

“Devi is now the most famous patient in our hospital. She has had a stormy course throughout her journey here and has successfully fought back. She suffered from multiple disorders and her chances of survival were compromised. She suffered from multiple serious conditions, and unfortunately, couldn’t sustain her pregnancy. It will take her around 6 months for full rehabilitation. With her courage and passion towards life, she taught us all a very important lesson in life, which is to never give up hope, no matter what happens in life,” said Dr. Chaitanya.

Devi along with her husband are now preparing to go back home to their families in Nepal. A true fighter in life, Devi hopes to open an English medium school in her hometown someday, to impart education to all the children in her village.