The Baby Who Fought Her Chances Of Survival

Pregnancy is a precious period of long wait and turmoil for a couple. All you want is to have a healthy baby, but some parents experience a different aspect of pregnancy. Joshua and Synora Dsouza had become pregnant for the first time after two years of trying to conceive. Their joy knew no bounds, and were eagerly waiting to welcome their baby in the New Year. Little did they know, life had planned otherwise.

All seemed to go well for Synora, when at 20 weeks, Dr. Caroline Alphine, Specialist in Gynecology/Obstetrics noted very low water level in Synora’s uterus. Further to this, at week 25, it was discovered that the baby had Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), a condition in which a baby experiences delayed growth and doesn’t grow as a normal baby does inside the womb. The baby was behind by 10-14 days which was a major concern as it could put the child at the risk of various health conditions, during the pregnancy, at birth or after it. Synora was advised to be extremely careful and to increase her visits for scans. At week 27 of her checkup, Dr. Caroline found protein in Synora’s urine indicating that her kidneys were overworking and could potentially lead to kidney failure. This was a time of distress, as the mother and the child were in danger. An emergency C-section was performed due to concerns of maternal and fetal health.

“I was so stressed when I was asked to get admitted that my BP shot up to 190 over 120”, said Synora. Dr. Caroline said, “Every extra minute the child had in the womb would matter, hence we managed to stabilize the mother and child and also delayed the pregnancy by a week”. However when they thought everything was under control, Synora suffered severe preeclampsia causing the separation of the placenta before the delivery. “The baby’s heart beat dropped and we couldn’t detect movement in the womb. Synora had also lost a lot of blood and had numerous clots in her stomach” added Dr. Caroline.

The wait for Synora to come out of the operation theatre seemed like the longest hours of his life for Joshua. Every parent wishes to hear their child’s first cry, but Sydelle was different. Born extremely pre-term at 27 weeks she was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), ventilated and given nutritional support for the first few days.

“It was an extremely emotional time for us. We were in the same room as Sydelle but couldn’t even touch or hold her until she grew stronger” recalls Joshua.
Sydelle was admitted in the NICU for 63 days and discharged upon completion of 35 weeks. She had doubled her weight by then and Joshua and Synora took her home two weeks before her actual due date to celebrate the New Year together.

“Sydelle is a fighter and a survivor, but most of all she’s a gift,” rightly quoted Dr. Ramanathan Venkiteswaran, Medical Director and Consultant in Pediatrics and Neonatology.