What is ICSI and its advantages ?

Fertility is an issue that affects many couples all across the world. In the UAE itself, one in every five couples is seeking treatments for infertility. Thankfully, with the ascension of medical technology over the last decade, there are numerous procedures now that allow infertile couples to conceive on their own. One such procedure is called intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI. The vast usage of the ICSI process stems from the fact that defective sperm function serves as the primary cause of infertility amongst couples. The reason for defective sperm function could be due to a case of genetics or environmental factors. And ICSI has been the go-to alternative reproductive therapy method in cases with severe male infertility as their cause, or in cases where the male partner did not qualify for a normal IVF due to a lack of motility and normal morphology of their sperm.

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Foggy winters and health

On cold winter mornings, you may find the view from your window completely restricted by the cloud like formations that are dense, wispy and nearly opaque. This phenomenon is what meteorologists have come to refer to as ‘Fog’. Scientifically speaking, fog is nothing more than evaporated water droplets and ice crystals that are suspended near the surface of the earth. The constituents of both fog and clouds are nearly the same. Fog in itself can cause severe depletion in visibility resulting in the halt of many human activities, especially those related to transportation and mobility. However, the larger, more detrimental effects of fog are seen on people’s health when it mixes with the smoke and pollution in the air to form what is known as Smog.


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5 secretly healthy foods for pregnancy

Below mentioned foods are loaded with delicious flavors and pregnancy friendly ingredients, to keep you involved in this festive season. So go ahead mommy to be and indulge.

Watermelon or other melon with a squeeze of lime

Watermelon is 92 percent water, so it’ll help you stay hydrated during pregnancy while also providing a sweet treat. And each cup of diced watermelon has 170 mg of potassium approximately. You can also make homemade watermelon juice by blending it with some fresh lime squeeze and strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Then just chill and sip!

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